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Beats of one nation, is the first-of its kind initiative. The healing power of music, coupled
withits powerful ability of storytelling was introduced to a young generation of musicians. Themusicians have all experienced and witnessed how scars are created by brutal civil conflict. TheBOON initiative brought together 9 of such musicians from all 9 provinces of the island with talent for singing and a heart for peace-building. The 9 singers were given a platform to project their voices and messages of peace, to an audience much larger than their own communities.
The platform created by BOON, is true to its name. Songs are sung by a representative group of youth from all ethnic and religious groups in the country. Their harmony and journey with the program is a reflection of the beauty in diversity which we could achieve in Sri Lanka.
BOON is an initiative of the “Music Department” of Sri Lanka Unites, implemented by Randhir Withana, a celebrity musician in Sri Lanka and his team of professional music producers.

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