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I am sure that whoever was there, felt at home, felt the actual human bond, and felt a real Sri Lankan. These, in fact, point too many of the commonalities we share as human beings. Although differences outweigh the similarities in number, the similarities / commonalities make us more human, more bounded to each other - "Theja Tanchangya"  - Volunteer

SLU has set on the difficult path of mending the social fabric of the country, in shambles after 30 years of war; and has been doing noteworthy work - "Ritu Sharma", (Intern at Sri Lanka Unites-Universitat Erfut)

SLU is one of the few organizations working with youth at the grassroots-level, providing a safe space for critical thinking and fostering a sense of community irrespective of ethnic boundaries. In this regard, SLU is like rain in a dry land - desperately needed to create and pass on the effects of positive change in Sri Lanka. - "Yolanie Hettiarachchi", (Intern at Sri Lanka Unites-University of Waterloo)

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