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Future Leaders Conference Seaoson 04 - Trailer
Future Leaders Conference Season 01 - Intro
Road to Jaffna - Future Leaders Conference Season 4


The Future Leaders' Conference is the flagship event of our movement. This event brings together the top student leaders from across the country for a five day residential conference. The theme of the conference is leadership and reconciliation. Our research indicates that over 70% of Sri Lankan youth do not have a friend outside their ethnic or religious groups. The conference bridges that gap and help student leaders meet their peers from other parts of the island. The process of integration is then propelled through identifying challenges for the next generation . This is followed by inspiring them to resolve issues as Sri Lankans and not as segregated fractions. The created of an inclusive Sri Lankan identity is a common theme of the conference. Students are able to question the prejudices they had inherited about one another start engaging in ways of being part of the solutions for lingering challenges in Sri Lankan.

Over the past four year over 1600 head prefects and senior prefects have attended this conference. Last year the conference was hosted by SLU chapters in Jaffna at Jaffna College. It was attended by over 600 participants from every district of the island. This year the conference will be hosted by SLU chapters in Galle.



The Future Leaders Conference (FLC) is the key annual event of the Sri Lanka Unites (SLU) movement. In its second year, FLC Season 5 will bring together 500 youth leaders between the ages of 15 to 18 from 100 school across Sri Lanka. Leaders will be awarded full scholarships to attend this four day residential Conference. During the Conference participants will be exposed to important leadership principles that will serve them well in the years to come.

The need for Hope and Reconciliation and the importance of speaking up against hate speech will will be expressed as a vital trademark for the future generation of Sri Lankan Leaders. The inherent themes of hope and reconciliation will pervade the Conference, which will be conducted in a multitude of mediums including speeches, testimonies, music, drama, media, art, skits, sports and team building skills.

The conference will also facilitate small group discussions between students from different ethnic backgrounds to work towards breaking negative stereotypes and replacing it with respect for each other. This effort will be realised by ensuring the participation of students from all ethnic and religious backgrounds in Sri Lanka.


Conference Objectives


1 To recognise, encourage, empower and inspire future leaders from across the nation.

2 Create a deep and growing desire towards unquestionable and unshakable unity and reconciliation among the student leaders. Regardless of ethnicity, race, cast or creed.

3 Inspire future leaders to take their place as leaders NOW. Be agents of reconciliation, hope and development in their neighbourhoods, villages, cities, districts and nation.

4 Expand the grass root influence of the movement by impacting the key leaders for reconciliation and positive change in their communities.

5 Creating the foundation for the creation of 100 SLU clubs, at least 100 student- led project for positive change and a network of 20,000 students from across the country.