Future Leaders Conference

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The Future Leaders' Conference is the flagship event of our movement. This event brings together the top student leaders from across the country for a five day residential conference. The theme of the conference is leadership and reconciliation. The conference bridges that gap and help student leaders meet their peers from other parts of the island. The process of integration is then propelled through identifying challenges for the next generation . This is followed by inspiring them to resolve issues as Sri Lankans and not as segregated fractions. Students are able to question the prejudices they had inherited about one another start engaging in ways of being part of the solutions for lingering challenges in Sri Lankan.

SHOW You Care

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SHOW You Care is a campaign that aims to mobilize youth to take concerted action raising awareness on the issue of harassment of women in public places and to bring attention of the public to the existing laws and the legal measures relevant to harassment. Engaging serious thought at the policy making level so that the existing laws are implemented and that the policies are reshaped and strengthened.

Reconciliation Centers

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The Sri Lanka Unites Reconciliation Centres are educational hubs, aimed at providing opportunities for youth in different districts around the country, focusing mainly in strengthening aptitude in Information Technology, language skills and entrepreneurial education skills. This centers also provide for counseling and career guidance. The vision is to create a sustainable Reconciliation Centre in every district of the country that will empower the youth through bringing academic opportunities to their regions, making them more employable and creating employment opportunities, with the final goal of being a symbol of hope and reconciliation in their own regions.

Champions of Change

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Champions of Change is an initiative that partners two or more schools from different ethnic, religious and social settings to work together in projects that address as a specific need in the community they live in. It also fosters a deeper connection between the two schools, creates appreciation for each others cultures and emulates respect for diversity.


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A trilingual magazine focused on bringing awareness to  some of the current social issues in the Country. The magazine has an on-line and hard copy versions of it. The hard copy of the magazine is aimed at reaching out to those who does not have access to the Internet.


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