Sri Lanka Unites continuously takes a multi-pronged approach to promoting reconciliation. We motivate young leaders in schools across the country to understand the need for reconciliation in post-war Sri Lanka, and empower them to undertake and give leadership to inter-community reconciliation initiatives in their localities. We believe that reconciliation comes not from the cosiness of a capital, but from the grassroots of a nation.


Meanwhile, we remain constantly aware of the ongoing rehabilitation needs in the Wanni and continue to actively engage in relief efforts there. We also provide school provisions and scholarships to students in other parts of the country. Our partners in these efforts include the leading civil society organisations – Sarvodaya and Foundation of Goodness.


In our media section we hope to bring to you some success stories from across the country of young people who are pioneering positive changes to drive our country forward – our Sri Lanka Unites ‘Champions of Change’.


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