To unite the youth of Sri Lanka from all ethnic and religious groups in a movement which provides hope and facilitates reconciliation in Sri Lanka. Paving the way for a peaceful and prosperous Sri Lanka for future generations.

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15 years of engagement

Active in all 25 districts

25,000 members

08 offices/centers and 50 full time employees

Created a Global Movement (15 countries)

Top 20 grassroots
movements in the commonwealth region

Queen’s Points of Light Award

Top 8 models
for youth engagement


Hanshika Nadeeshani
Before joining the center I used to be afraid to speak in public but this course became a turning point in my life. It has helped by build my confidence and leadership skills.

Hanshika Nadeeshani

Matara Reconciliation Center

Through this center I was able to learn about the importance of peace and reconciliation. I have had the privilege of meeting people from different ethnicities and religions for which I am really thankful to SLU for.


Puttalam Reconciliation Center

Ambassador Jayantha Dhanapala
Supporting Sri Lanka Unites has been one of the most fulfilling experiences of my professional career.

Ambassador Jayantha Dhanapala

Former United Nations Under-Secretary-General

Aninilavan Puvanesan
I was a racist, I believed in violence to fight against injustices, but today I believe in non-violence, unity and reconciliation and I know I can accomplish more than my parents generation.

Aninilavan Puvanesan

Center Manager – Mullaitivu Reconciliation Center

Akila Hettiarachchi
Until I joined SLU I never had a friend from the Tamil community. I used to think every Tamil was a terrorist but today I know so many Tamils who are like my own family. I aspire to be a leader who will not just serve the south but stand up and speak for our brothers and sisters in the north as well.

Akila Hettiarachchi

Dream Team 2


American Center
British High Commission
Canadian High Commission
Save the Children
Tea Leaf Trust
USA Embassy

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