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Why we believe youth should keep political leaders accountable?

In a pandemic altered world, Sri Lanka is at the crossroads of crucial health , economic, educational and social challenges. The responses of our political leaders are more crucial and consequential than they have ever been. Being aware of the challenges ahead and holding our leaders accountable is our responsibility as active citizens.

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Why we haven’t invited politicians in the past

SLU in its 13 years of service across this nation as a movement has never invited politicians. 1. We are a grassroots non partisan movement, enabling the future leaders of our nation. Not committed to creating platforms for current political leaders . How this time is different The political leaders that we will host

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Rules and Regulations for Online Interview Series

No politician will use this platform to accuse another party , politician, individuals or institution. Neither can they use this as a campaign platform , the purpose is to answer the questions of the panel and youth If you want to submit a question you need to indicate which district you

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Samrin’s Story of Transformation

My name is Samrin. I live in a village called Rahmat Nagar, Puttalam. My village is far behind in basic infrastructure and education.I am currently studying at SL Unites Reconciliation Centre in Puttalam. I do not know the first SriLanka UNITES. For the first time, I attended the 2018 Future Leaders Conference. Only