Dream Centers

In the year 2022, Sri Lanka Unites will celebrate 15 years of service as a movement. This year we seek to launch four Dream Reconciliation Centers in four districts.

  • Mullaitivu
  • Monaragala
  • Batticaloa
  • Nuwara Eliya

The centers will play a significant role in helping youth.

  • Overcome the limited facilities and opportunities presented to them through their schools and the district
  • Provide strong, attractive space and alternative positive activities to negative, destructive attractions for you
  • Increase the capacity of young businesses and farmers to thrive
  • Access to the latest technology and knowledge
  • Connectivity to some of the national and international educational opportunities
  • A sustainable model of community development designed, curated, preserved, and enhanced by the community for the community.

The current Reconciliation Center’s contribution to the youth in the community

  • Classes in English
  • Introduction to IT and intermediate course in IT
  • Business Entrepreneurship training and investments.
  • Access to vocation training courses (Hair and Beauty Culture, Hospitality industry)
  • Third language classes
  • Leadership and personality development courses
  • The seven modules of Sri Lanka Unites guide book and seven community projects along each thematic area.
  • Opportunity to attend our national leadership conferences to engage with youth from various ethnic, religious, and socio-economic backgrounds.

Dream Reconciliation Centers (The step up from our current ten centers)

  • 5-acre property
  • Center for innovative farming
  • Business incubator space for young entrepreneurs
  • A sports complex (Cricket nets, Volley Ball court, and Swimming pool)
  • Career Guidance Center
  • Counseling Center
  • World-Class Library
  • IT labs
  • Gaming Center
  • Auditorium
  • Virtual University classroom, connecting students to University classroom across the world
  • Virtual classroom for subjects for A/L not offered in schools in the region.

Reason for focusing on these districts and establishing Dream Reconciliation Centers.

Sri Lanka Unites history of engagement

We have an established center and three full-time staff in each of these districts. We have at least a thousand members in each of these districts. We also have strong relationships with civil society leaders, other nonprofits, and government officials in these regions.

Poverty and Unemployment

These four districts are among the top 6 poorest districts in the nation. Many young people born into poverty have minimal opportunity to break free from the clutches of abject poverty.

  • Mullaitivu (30.8 % of the population live under the poverty line)
  • Monaragala (22.1% of the population live under the poverty line)
  • Batticaloa (25.3% of the population live under the poverty line)
  • Nuwara Eliya (15.2% of the population lives under the poverty line)

*poverty line = people living on less than $2 a day.

Substance abuse, violence, suicide, and violent extremism

These districts are tormented by many youths falling prey to drug and alcohol addiction. The frustration of youth amid unemployment and limited opportunity to progress in life has also been manipulated by gangs and violent extremist groups to lure them into dangerous groups.

Lowest performing schools in the nation

These districts have alarmingly low levels of performance at national examinations and also have some of the worst infrastructure and least qualified teachers for schools in their community.