Beats of One Nation

Beats of One Nation

Why we believe music could heal?

Music has the capacity to bring the various communities in Sri Lanka together. SLU has ten years of experience with engaging over 3500 student leaders from all 25 districts at our annual conference has proven to be a great pilot for this theory.

Young men and women of various backgrounds have had their first positive experience across ethno religious lines , often as a result of the music and arts section at our conference.

As we look to engage the broader audience across the nation, we believe initiatives such as BOON, with celebrity musicians and diverse local talent, will attract a new audience that may not usually attend a reconciliation event. Thereby giving us the ability to reach youth who are at a higher risk of engaging in violent extremism. 

It is also important to note that in developing countries like Sri Lanka , parents mainly emphasize on academia and fashioning a career out of traditional choices like commerce, science, medicine and law. Music and arts are often not options to pursue. We believe an initiative that helps them experience the possibility of a career in the arts will also have a positive impact on society.