SLU published a guidebook with 9 modules. The guidebook topics include;

  1. Non-violence
  2. Reconciliation and conflict transformation (including interreligious dialogue)
  3. Grassroots movement
  4. Youth leadership and character
  5. Gendered leadership
  6. Environment and peace building
  7. Social media, story-telling and freedom of expression.
  8. Transitional Justice.
  9. Countering Hate Speech

Each guidebook consists of 5 weeks of theory and 2 weeks of practicals.


Although FLC and School Relations Tour act as opportunities to break the stereotypes and inspire the youth to be the agents of change, the Guidebook can be used as an educational tool at school level.

When members of the Sri Lanka Unites school chapters meet weekly, they would be able to optimize the credits with the guidance of the Teacher in charge and will prepare a weekly report on the lessons learnt. Since the guidebook has been made and translated into all three languages, students would be able to make use of it in the language of their choice.


Guidebook has been introduced and included among the school networks of Sri Lanka since the Inaugural FLCs. Students are given guidebooks in the medium of their choice during FLCs as well as during School Relations Tour when new schools are visited and school chapters are formed.

Next Steps and Goals

  • Introducing Guidebook as an academic toolkit for Reconciliation throughout the schools in Sri Lanka.
  • Ensure that student members from all Sri Lanka Unites school chapters are going through the academic curriculum included in the Guidebook.