The Future Leaders Conference

The Future Leaders Conference

Most schools in the country are segregated along ethnic, religious, socioeconomic, and even in many school gender lines. FLC creates room for inherited prejudices to grow and thrive. We believe real life experiences can overcome inherited prejudice. This five-day residential conference is fashioned to create a safe environment and exciting experiences that enhance the capacity to break negative stereotypes, and challenge inherited hate towards a certain community. At the conference students are led to live, learn and grow across ethnic, religious and socioeconomic lines.

The ultimate purpose is to produce student leaders who will serve as ambassadors of reconciliation, and positive change across Sri Lanka in every district. Yearly the conference takes place in a different region. 


  • Create exciting experiences to have positive and inspiring experiences across ethnic and religious lines.
  • Depict the beauty and richness of Sri Lanka’s diversity.
  • Pursue an inclusive Sri Lanka Identity through the content of the program.
  • Create a safe space to share grievances and aspirations of their communities.
  • Depict the power of accomplishing much more together as youth from diverse backgrounds.
  • Encourage them to be agents of reconciliation, nonviolence and positive change in their communities. 


  • Over 3200 student leaders have experienced this conference in the last eight years.
  • Over 150 Sri Lanka chapters have been created in schools as a result of the conference.
  • The chapters follow SLU guidebooks and conduct awareness events in their communities.
  • Over 75 Champions of Change projects have been conducted as a result (working with school from different communities) for a year.