Future Leaders Conference

Most schools in the country are segregated along ethnic, religious, socioeconomic, and even in many school gender lines. FLC creates room for inherited prejudices to grow and thrive. We believe real life experiences can overcome inherited prejudice.

Reconciliation Centers

Our vision through these centers is to be tangibly present in every district and be a hub for education, entrepreneurship and inspire youth to play an active role in promoting reconciliation and countering violent extremism.

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Champions of Change

Following mentoring weekend, schools of varying ethnic, religious and geographical backgrounds are partnered together, to work on a project to impact a community of their choice, catalyzing grassroots change to occur by pooling the efforts of multiple schools.

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Dream Team

15-20 top peace-builders are selected and proven young leaders of the movement, after finishing secondary education will be selected and mentored to travel around the island. This team is recognized as the ‘Dream Team’ at Sri Lanka Unites, and they travel around Sri Lanka talking about reconciliation and re-engaging with the school chapters in their own localities, to ensure that we continue to find ways to connect and inspire youth.

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SHOW You Care

Women are an integral part of our society and of Sri Lanka Unites as a Movement. We believe and aspire that young men can be inspired to be part of the solution in the crisis of gender inequality. There has been an increase in harassment against women in public spaces and in sexual assault. This has to be addressed in order to restore the dignity and respect that women rightly deserve.

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Beats of One Nation

Beats of one nation, is the first-of its kind initiative. The healing power of music, coupled with its powerful ability of storytelling was introduced to a young generation of musicians. The musicians have all experienced and witnessed how scars are created by brutal civil conflict. The BOON initiative brought together 9 of such musicians from all 9 provinces of the island with talent for singing and a heart for peace-building. The 9 singers were given a platform to project their voices and messages of peace, to an audience much larger than their own communities.

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