My name is Samrin. I live in a village called Rahmat Nagar, Puttalam. My village is far behind in basic infrastructure and education.I am currently studying at SL Unites Reconciliation Centre in Puttalam. I do not know the first SriLanka UNITES. For the first time, I attended the 2018 Future Leaders Conference. Only then did I know that there was one SriLanka UNITES. I liked everything that was said there. I wanted to join the SriLanka UNITES. After the A / L exam, I had the opportunity to return to SLU again by meeting with the Asni teacher at the Job Fair held at the AG office in an attempt to find a job.

Before I joined the SriLanka UNITES Reconciliation Centre – Puttalam, I studied in the English language at P / Veppamatu M.M.V and passed the S result in O/L exam and fail the W result in the P / President’s Science College in my A/L examination.

And, there will be no more friends, Ethno-Religious language while no other friends, In spite of the lack of integration of religions and Is only acting on his opinion without giving value to the opinion of others I was also seen.

But after I started studying at the SriLanka Unites Reaconciliation Centre – Puttalam, I can read English very well and can speak somewhat. Now I understand all religions, Have a lot of friends in all religions and I am also able to respect the opinion of others.

SriLanka UNITES changed me this way. My sincere thanks to the SriLanka UNITES for making me this way.