SLU in its 13 years of service across this nation as a movement has never invited politicians.

1. We are a grassroots non partisan movement, enabling the future leaders of our nation. Not committed to creating platforms for current political leaders .

How this time is different

The political leaders that we will host are here to listen to youth and engage grassroots voices . We are enabling youth from across the nation to enhance their capacity as leaders.

2. If at all we invite politicians , we require equal representation of each party , which at most times an impossible reality

How this time is different

During this time leaders from all major parties have accepted our request , due to their more flexible schedule due to the pandemic. Therefore we do have a representation from every major party.

3. We don’t want any student at our physical events to feel uncomfortable or forced to listen to any politicians,
Because that is not why they sign up for our events.

How this time is different

On an online livestream students or any viewer is not confined or forced to attend. They can merely choose to not engage and ignore the live telecast.